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Monday, December 11, 2006

A day in München

The photos that I took today:
(08:18) Johan (10:44) Johan in München (Docomo) (13:17) Lunch in München (Shoya sushi bar) (13:24) Lunch in München (Shoya sushi bar) (16:54) Discussion in München (Docomo) (18:44) Fun (18:58) Fun (19:26) Fun (21:14) Robin in München
The products that I encountered today: product of 明治製菓(株) . The sounds that I heard today: Marko. The cities that I visited today: München (20.5h). The places that I stayed in today: Docomo (9.0h), Shoya sushi bar (1.5h). The buddies that I met today: Souville (8.6h), Wagner (6.7h), Boehm (9.3h), Luther (6.2h).


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