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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A day in Glanerbrug

The weather that I enjoyed today: it has been times of sun and clouds in Enschede, -3/5°C, with a relative humidity of 93%, a light breeze was blowing from the north. The activitys that I had today: working (4.4h). The transports that I had today: car (4.8h). The cities that I visited today: Enschede (10.1h), Glanerbrug (13.6h). The places that I stayed in today: TI Office (9.9h), Home sweet home... (12.9h). The photos that I took today:
(10:39) Cho in Enschede (TI Office) (12:55) Presenting in Enschede (TI Office) (19:33) Chocolate in Enschede (19:35) Chocolate in Enschede


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