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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A day in Fürstenfeldbruck

The photos that I took today:
(10:28) Widget in München (Docomo) (12:56) Sushi in München (13:20) Sushi in München (18:50) Bbq in Fürstenfeldbruck (21:23) Please no in Fürstenfeldbruck (Marko's)
The cities that I visited today: Fürstenfeldbruck (13.8h), München (9.3h). The conds that I had today: it has been partly sunny in München, 9-21C, with a relative humidity of 59%, a light breeze was blowing from the west (24.0h). The drinks that I drank today: nothing (1x), coffee (1x). The places that I stayed in today: Docomo (4.6h), Marko's (11.6h). The buddies that I met today: Wagner (6.3h), Boehm (9.3h), Luther (10.6h).


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