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Saturday, March 25, 2006

A busy Home day

Today was a busy Home day (89.0% covered). I took 5 pictures in Hengelo, Warnsveld, Zutphen and Glanerbrug.
To the supermarket in Glanerbrug in Netherlands (Home) at 25-03Shopping in Hengelo in Netherlands (Ikea) at 25-03Pieter in Warnsveld in Netherlands at 25-03Rummi in Zutphen in Netherlands at 25-03Dinner in Warnsveld in Netherlands at 25-03
I visited Warnsveld (14.2%), Glanerbrug (63.0%) and Zutphen (8.7%), mainly Home (62.9%) and Ikea (3.8%). My maximum speed was 128.1 km/h.


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