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Monday, January 17, 2005

New web server

Today I transferred my personal home page to a new server. So bye himalaya, hello core. But fortunately, there is no need to remember the names, there now is a general alias. So visit my homepage at Welcome!

SIP phone

So my previous post is also one of the reasons to start looking for cheaper alternatives. And I found one in the SIP adaptor that I can use to connect my regular telephone to a SIP server, to call for free with other SIP phones, and fairly cheap with existing fixed or mobile phones. The biggest advantage is that I can hopefully get rid of my monthly KPN subscription of more than 25 euros a month!

One week!

Just computed that our yearly telephone bill contains 73 hours and 17 minutes... And that is without internet access. Assuming that other people call us for around the same duration, that gives a total of 146½ hours in a year. That is almost one week continuous phone conversation, or 3½ work weeks in a year. Amazing!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Get a glimpse

Today I installed two webcams, one in my office and one internal one next to the coffee machine to see if it is worthwhile to join the conversation there ;-). The one in my office is publicly available.

Monday, January 03, 2005

New office

Today was the first day in my new office. We have moved into the old buildings of one of the largest dutch breweries: Grolsch. I am on the fourth floor now, with a nice view over Enschede. The actual move took place between christmas and new year, and went very smoothly, because all I add to do was unpack 5 boxes and switch on my computer!